Friday, 1 December 2017


Image result for pictures of someone using a computerThe twenty first century brought us one of the beautiful inventions of all time that is the Internet whilst the Internet is used for various processes with some using it for research, some for socializing. Some people abuse it, some use it for the better of their lifes and other useful ventures.

 The Internet is seen from different angles some see it as an evil some see it as a gold mine. HOW DO YOU SEE THE INTERNET ?More gold ever mined on earth was mined  from the Internet not underground ,meaning  money made  today comes from the Internet ,this is why most companies are trying to grab  a share on the Internet .Jack ma the richest man in China’s empire is centered on the Internet .The world ‘s largest taxi  company UBER is Internet based and owns no physical cars .HOW CAN YOU AND I MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET. We don’t want to just discuss theories let’s get started if you follow this practically you will find surfing the net useful.
NEEDED THINGS BEFORE YOU START .Free Wi-Fi access for at least 2 hours per day, laptop or tablet later you can use a phone, committing at least 2 hours a day in research ,promotion and action .Payoneer account or PayPal account, I prefer Payoneer because it works direct with your domestic bank account and on every person you refer to them they pay you$25 .However PayPal is good but works with a master card. WHY these accounts? For you to receive money. CAN I ALSO DO IT WHILST EMPLOYED? Yes you can find a second source of income and some programs you only need registration, your computer, Wi-Fi connection then you start making money.

Let’s get started. First let’s start with affiliate marketing. It is whereby you promote other peoples products or services for a referring commission – sometimes as high as 100%. You build the website or online properties just as a catchment system to get interested people to then be able to refer them on to the affiliate program. Doesn’t mean you have to be a technological wiz you can use a simple blog like this one. You just choose a company to affiliate with, then you can promote the products on social media. I mostly target European markets. What happens is that upon joining an affiliate organization they give a link to track your sells. Every time a customer buys through your link you are rewarded .I prefer companies that offer this as multi-level marketing where by I am rewarded not only for sells but also for new affiliates that I bring into the organization. These companies are really good s.f.i. and Market health.
I also make money from simple things like tweeting and liking Facebook pages. It’s amazing just for that only. Whilst others only use social media for socializing. You can decide to socialize and make money.
Also, I make money for just letting my computer run an application for banks and solve mathematical instructions whilst I am doing some things like socializing and doing other programs. This program needs only your email then register for free and get $10 for free.
If you want to venture on some of these programs click on them. After joining contact me so that I tip you on ways to succeed because it’s not a get rich quick system but needs time and commitment.

Alister Mapholisa is an entrepreneur who desires to see Africa and the world being a better place. Contact me on Whatsapp +263778969803.Email me at  Feel to comment.

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