Monday, 24 September 2018



Once again I want to thank God for this wonderful achievement in my life, the 25 years of travel in the universal path. The path full of twists and turns, appointments and disappointments, joys and sorrows, smoothness and huddles, surely the list is endless. Above it all surely today I say Ebenezer, thank you Jesus, I can’t resist the joy. Being given a chance to traverse this earth for 25 years is no jock. Although I wish to be given more, but if reflect on what was happening for the past 25 years, its learning and learning throughout the journey although it is quiet complicated but the little I did learn is very exciting to share.

One the greatest lessons I did learn is that everyone has a Special seed inside them. This seed is unique and can only be identified in a rather special way, some who are fortunate enough are usually advised in their religious cycles although it’s rare. By good fortune some easily discover it themselves. Some Struggle and usually fail to identify it.
The seed in question is one‘s unique ability to solve some of the challenges faced by humanity.  Everyone I think is on this world for a purpose and we all need each other thus why God created us as unique pieces of living organisms. I always find amazement when I ponder on the fact that there is one me in the whole world. There is only one me, the one who houses thoughts, imaginations, aspirations and many other things unique from everyone, but the lesson is, in those things, there is something good, something that can benefit someone. We need each other. Umuntu  ngumuntu   ngabantu”.Some are  pastors ,we need them for spiritual  uplifting, some are   builders ,teachers, rank marshals,  drivers, lawyers we all need each other and the survival of the other is upon the other.

Discover the seed in you, water it  and cultivate  it by doing good to the world .Don’t harm  it because you are a result of goodness from other people ,pay the world with good it will pay back  with good.

Thank you to those who are celebrating with me may God bless you.The song below is also an inspiration.

Friday, 1 December 2017


Image result for pictures of someone using a computerThe twenty first century brought us one of the beautiful inventions of all time that is the Internet whilst the Internet is used for various processes with some using it for research, some for socializing. Some people abuse it, some use it for the better of their lifes and other useful ventures.

 The Internet is seen from different angles some see it as an evil some see it as a gold mine. HOW DO YOU SEE THE INTERNET ?More gold ever mined on earth was mined  from the Internet not underground ,meaning  money made  today comes from the Internet ,this is why most companies are trying to grab  a share on the Internet .Jack ma the richest man in China’s empire is centered on the Internet .The world ‘s largest taxi  company UBER is Internet based and owns no physical cars .HOW CAN YOU AND I MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET. We don’t want to just discuss theories let’s get started if you follow this practically you will find surfing the net useful.
NEEDED THINGS BEFORE YOU START .Free Wi-Fi access for at least 2 hours per day, laptop or tablet later you can use a phone, committing at least 2 hours a day in research ,promotion and action .Payoneer account or PayPal account, I prefer Payoneer because it works direct with your domestic bank account and on every person you refer to them they pay you$25 .However PayPal is good but works with a master card. WHY these accounts? For you to receive money. CAN I ALSO DO IT WHILST EMPLOYED? Yes you can find a second source of income and some programs you only need registration, your computer, Wi-Fi connection then you start making money.

Let’s get started. First let’s start with affiliate marketing. It is whereby you promote other peoples products or services for a referring commission – sometimes as high as 100%. You build the website or online properties just as a catchment system to get interested people to then be able to refer them on to the affiliate program. Doesn’t mean you have to be a technological wiz you can use a simple blog like this one. You just choose a company to affiliate with, then you can promote the products on social media. I mostly target European markets. What happens is that upon joining an affiliate organization they give a link to track your sells. Every time a customer buys through your link you are rewarded .I prefer companies that offer this as multi-level marketing where by I am rewarded not only for sells but also for new affiliates that I bring into the organization. These companies are really good s.f.i. and Market health.
I also make money from simple things like tweeting and liking Facebook pages. It’s amazing just for that only. Whilst others only use social media for socializing. You can decide to socialize and make money.
Also, I make money for just letting my computer run an application for banks and solve mathematical instructions whilst I am doing some things like socializing and doing other programs. This program needs only your email then register for free and get $10 for free.
If you want to venture on some of these programs click on them. After joining contact me so that I tip you on ways to succeed because it’s not a get rich quick system but needs time and commitment.

Alister Mapholisa is an entrepreneur who desires to see Africa and the world being a better place. Contact me on Whatsapp +263778969803.Email me at  Feel to comment.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


Diamonds are minerals which are highly valuable and are rarely found on the earth’s surface. If one finds a small diamond it can change his /her life in a short space of time. Diamonds keep countries moving, take for example Botswana, the government of Botswana takes pride of the diamonds in Botswana as they get a lot of revenue into government coffers.
 Do you know that diamonds are everywhere but people rarely know it due to many factors? There is a popular story quoted by most speakers called the acres of diamonds. It goes on like this there was a certain man who owned a farm and he fell in love with diamonds when he heard stories about them in Kimberly and other areas during the diamond rush, he was moved with these stories up to a point that he saw as if his farming was useless and he decided to sell his farm  ,he  went on in coasts and valleys to look for the precious mineral. Unfortunately his money was exhausted before finding any diamonds and he gave up. Only to latter hear that at his place of former residence diamonds were discovered and the place became the greatest mine ever discovered on earth, only to discover that it was his former farm, he was disappointed.
There are a lot of lessons to learn from this story, diamonds are within our reach but we fail to recognize them, opportunity is like diamonds, it’s rarely found, however, you may look for it somewhere yet it lies in your garage and everywhere. Before looking for diamonds outside your influence, look for them in the areas near you. May be you are reluctant to see the diamond, maybe it’s your brother, sister, mother, friend etc finding an opportunity to fill in entrepreneurship doesn't need those people who rush in terms of decision making .You may rush to say the economy is not performing well, my family doesn't support me but did you take time to find out on what the country and how they can support you. THE HIDDEN DIAMOND IS WITHIN YOUR INFLUENCE BUT YOU NEED TO DEVELOP YOURSELF TO DISCOVER IT . 
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Monday, 25 September 2017

  Yesterday was my birthday I thought it wise to reflect on what the birth day guy thinks about the day. First I want to thank God for the years and everything he has done for me, if it was not by your mercy I wasn't going to be what I am today oh merciful God, you are the way maker, promise keeper and faithful upon your people oh my LORD I don’t deserve that kind of mercy but you still give me, I shall forever thank you.

If a take time to reflect, last year this year my status was Gold paneer, today I am at a better point, I see your mercy oh my God, last year the day of my birthday I was down the mine shafts, you protected me oh faithful father, how much I will, that you make me grow in your presence as I am making my steps into the adult world.
To me the birthday guy, I foresee the world of adulthood with a definition of responsibility, but what is responsibility and purpose, I always ask myself? there is something in me that strives to develop someone to know the truth and know how things work.
If I reflect time and memory ,tears never sizes to flow like a river ,I only see mercy ,the guy whose birthday always went un noticed from the time I became  age conscious until now, the only one who remembers this day is one person and has never failed to recognize it.This time around he said son I will throw a big birth day bash to you and he made Sunday my birth day, to me it means resurrection, my birthday bash ,the day of the lord which he has chosen for me ,his creation. I appreciate all those who supported me throughout the journey Parents, relatives, comrades and all of you, may God bless you.

Life @ 24………the story is long, joy, challenges, betrayal. I PRESS ON

Friday, 22 September 2017



:   WHAT IS YOUR VALUE Value, value, value. The world’s most expensive player Neyma...

Value, value, value. The world’s most expensive player Neymar J.R was worth 222 million pounds. The most expensive car is worth millions. What do you think you are worth? There are many ways   to evaluate yourself. The first one is to evaluate your asserts, some use various methods.
Today I am preaching about mental value. Before I go deeper let me thank the Lord for giving me this chance. Asserts can be destroyed by un-foreseen circumstances, economic, political and other disasters, But if you have invested in your mind you have the capacity to accumulate that once again. A good example is seen in those who are  second generation millionaires, most of them are not able to keep  the wealth for a life time because they are not the ones who developed it, hence they don’t have the mental capacity to accumulate a fortune once again,. You need to develop your mind to be of greater value.
How do you develop your value, invest in learning the art of successful people, attend seminars where successful people talk. No matter how you think the events are expensive if you attend them and learn you will see that they are worth it. Nobody knows everything hence we have to sharpen ourselves no matter which trade we are in, sharpen yourself so that you get more out of it.

YOU DESERVE MORE. No matter your trade, I have seen people who were once limited in terms of their worth due to hindrances like employment, marriage and other factors. Nowadays I see doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. They can accumulate a fortune if they decide to live their real worth, but they can’t because the profession is only in one person with an un-developed mind set, instead of being a slave to someone, evaluate yourself if you are not able to do what they do. Some people are talented in entrepreneurship, music, poetry they can make a fortune out of it, but they are constantly limited by other factors, step out of your comfort zone and develop your mind. Professionals should move from the phase being employed to being consulted because they are worth a lot, if they decide to think outside the box. We will discuss more on our next topic, move from employee to consultant.

Alister mapholisa is an MLM consultant, who dreams to make Africa t a better place. He is also a coach and motivator you can email him at me on 0778969803 or like our Facebook page our network marketing moments .com. Follow social media handles .amapholisa@, LinkedIn, Mara-mentor, google social, Instagram

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Thank you very much for landing at our blog sight, I hope your navigation will be a pleasant one. First and for most my most important objective and pre-occupation is to make Africa and the rest  of the world a better place, other lessons which will come from this article are learning to rediscover yourself, unleashing the genius in you and many other lessons.
To begin with what is a game changer? In my own definition a game changer is a person who moves out of the multitudes and creates value from the things that other people thought were useless, or someone who does something which the average person thinks it’s impossible.
What I have discovered is that being a game changer does not start all of a sudden nor matter how talented you are. Like anything it has steps and processes. The first one is self-discovery, no matter how handsome, beautiful you are, if you don’t discover yourself you just are like tall building trying to be constructed without a plan because it is impossible. You have to discover your true purpose. Whether you are religious or not the fact remains the same if you don’t know your best abilities you are just like a car without a driver it will never arrive at its destination. How do you discover yourself? Your best abilities are hidden inside you, have ever seen that no matter how you try to suppress something it pops up back to you. For example myself I like music and most of the times this keeps coming back to me in an inner voice and within my heart. There are so many ways to discover yourself you can research them on your own because they are important.
After self-discovery then you go to the most difficult process, convincing yourself that you are the best and you can do it.This process is like a vampire of all game changers and it has robbed us of many talented people around the world. This is the process after you convince yourself and you succeed you will have what is are called dreams. Why do you motivate yourself because nobody will believe you unless you believe yourself? Even the bible says a blind man will never lead another blind man.How you can look for the specific people that have had success in the same area and ask them for advice or you can look for mentors, living mentors and late mentors. Like I myself I follow advice from Great guys like Jonah Nyoni, Milton Kamwendo, Tendai Chinoperekwei, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack ma and others.

The other stage is taking a step towards your dream. Being a game changer is by no means easy. Taking a step you take it to set a good foundation and what you must understand building a foundation is not a task of to many people and sometimes it’s a journey of one man alone. Before writing this article I was reading the bible and the foundations for the whole nation of Israelites was built upon one man called Abraham. The journey towards greatness is not a journey of many people. The most painful fact is that the truth is only revealed to a few people. For example jack ma’s idea was rejected by his friends in his apartment and he had to look for other people. However, it doesn’t suggest that you don’t have to go with other people but I know it’s not going to be a crowd. When a building is being constructed laying of foundations is done by a few people, then they will increase when the construction has commenced, thus similar with the road to greatness not everyone will believe in your dreams but that must not discourage you.
This is the end of part one I hope this article will help three out of ten people because I know that many are called but a few are chosen thank you. Follow other motivational, opportunity and inspirational articles like our Facebook page http// network marketing moments. Simple like our page our network marketing moments


SILVER JUBLEE Once again I want to thank God for this wonderful achievement in my life, the 25 years of travel in the universal path....